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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#987 Delete linking hydrotopes after import of landuse etc. belger defect critical KalypsoHydrology 12.11.0
#1394 Error when trying to view control nodes belger defect critical Kalypso1D2D 15.1.1
#526 Sohlschubspannung wird in Tabelle.gft nicht angezeigt schrage defect major KalypsoWSPM 2.3.0 RC1

Status: assigned (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#18 Lange Brückenrechenzeiten bei Polynomberechnung gernotbelger defect critical KalypsoWSPM 11.6.0
#122 preprocessing - Update usable roughness classes with literature source schrage task major Kalypso1D2D
#153 Add an import / export functionality for calculation units gernotbelger enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#190 MapTool - Goto / Jump to coordinate enhancement major General 11.6.0
#456 Translate demo models gernotbelger task major KalypsoWSPM 10.10.0
#467 Map layer NLS translation with params gernotbelger task major General
#489 Doppelte Knoten-Nummerierung möglich niloufar defect major KalypsoHydrology 11.6.0
#522 Clip Polygons are not considered for Volume polygons wrt calculated volume NicoSchrage task major KalypsoFlood
#596 Problem bei Brücke mit kst kimwerner task major KalypsoWSPM 10.10.0
#788 1d2d result visualisation - velocities in non flooded areas NicoSchrage task major Kalypso1D2D 11.6.4
#930 Hide wspm profile tools in 1d2d gernotbelger enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 12.11.0.RC1
#943 Export Mesh including control structures eddi33 enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 12.11.0.RC4
#325 Result configuration difficult gernotbelger task minor Kalypso1D2D 2.2.0 M2
#442 Add background map to demo project adejan task minor KalypsoRisk 2.2.0 RC2

Status: closed (49 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1178 Results evaluation: Result files are deleted before evaluation starts nehlsen defect blocker Kalypso1D2D
#1301 sources/sinks: Produce error on CU assignment and times series preview in sim settings defect blocker Kalypso1D2D 15.3.x
#1350 Result of import of shape to map via "green plus" incorrect defect blocker General
#1354 Working with profile connected perspectives (PDB, 1d2d and WSPM) doesn't work defect blocker General 16.x.x
#1356 Loading of PDB data from far away machine doesn't finish defect blocker KalypsoPDB 16.x.x
#1392 Gauge time series can not be visualized with simulated series defect blocker KalypsoHydrology 16.x.x
#1402 project conversion not working (examined by Demo1D2D project) belger defect blocker Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1404 Generation of roughness zone impossible belger defect blocker Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1414 Restart not selectable for Telemac models defect blocker Kalypso TELEMAC2D Addon 16.x.x
#957 time series: Copy/Paste of time series in control panel to slow and buggy vuska defect critical Kalypso1D2D 12.11.0.RC4
#1245 Roughness Assign Service is way to slow nico.schrage@… task critical Kalypso1D2D
#1349 drag and drop from project explorer fails defect critical General
#1352 Cannot restore or setup PDB perspective at all defect critical Development 16.x.x
#63 Import of .2d results nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#118 preprocessing - Improve Map-Infobutton nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#127 results - Overwrite existing results nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#133 preprocessing - allow 1D preprocessing independent of WSPM nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#230 Merge Editing and Deleting widgets for Flow Resistance Zones nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#722 Deactivation of widgets gernotbelger enhancement major General 11.6.0
#780 Import cross sections from WSPM for view only nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 11.6.4
#855 Graphical representation of 1D profiles should be tremendously improved nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 11.6.5
#856 1D profile editing should be possible within 1D/2D nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 11.6.5
#861 Filtering/ Sorting of CUs NicoSchrage enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 11.6.5
#954 Map view size changes shall not change map scale nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#1030 profile points allowed that are not valid schrage defect major Kalypso1D2D 12.11.1.RC3
#1053 intervals in 2D longitudinal sections are arbitrary nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 12.11.1.RC3
#1130 Select components to be copied when "duplicating" a calculation unit nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 12.11.1
#1169 Strange geometric error in Flussschlauchgenerator belger defect major Kalypso1D2D 13.5.0
#1202 Add geometries instead of shape layers to triangulation widget nico.schrage@… enhancement major Kalypso1D2D
#1300 sources/sinks: Throw message on simulation start, if there are empty elements defect major Kalypso1D2D 15.1.1
#1322 Invisible data lead to missing entries in workflow task related views defect major Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1323 Visualization of CU fails after editing its elements defect major Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1351 Import of data from project explorer sometimes fails due to URI problems defect major General
#1358 Exported Polyline Files from Conceptual model don't coincide with what ArcMap expects enhancement major Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1372 Laxerer Hydroas Import gernotbelger defect major Kalypso HYDRO_AS-2D Addon 15.1.1
#1398 Activating "Hydrographs" workflow task fails with Null Pointer belger defect major Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#209 Some Error messages in Kalypso1D2DProject should be more user friendly or removed nico.schrage@… enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D
#323 ImportingRiskZone Wizard gernotbelger enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D
#675 1D2D: Mesh / Data Export as ShapeZ gernotbelger enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D 10.10.1
#807 schlauchgenerator improvements thomasjung enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D 11.6.4
#908 1D2D: Flusschlauchgenerator - Selektionsverhalten dem Standard anpassen GernotBelger enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D 11.6.5
#1096 Interpolation of time steps in control panel is slow nico.schrage@… enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D 13.4.0 RC4
#1174 New splitting method with more intersection lines ignores multi-split elements and deletes attached belger enhancement minor Kalypso1D2D 13.5.0
#1189 Error after rejecting to save imported mesh on new project nico.schrage@… defect minor Kalypso1D2D
#1249 Map View: Maximizing map widget throws exception when there are no features nico.schrage@… defect minor Kalypso1D2D
#1399 Setting a new Hydrograph location throws NPE belger defect minor Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1410 Adding time step in control panel yields error schrage defect minor Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#17 Show interpolated time series of time steps in control model dialog --> just code quality check!!! task trivial Kalypso1D2D
#1203 roughness classes are not differentiated by scenarios nico.schrage@… enhancement trivial Kalypso1D2D

Status: new (34 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1265 Selection modus by any polygon features belger task blocker General
#1353 Data upload to PDB fails defect blocker KalypsoPDB 16.x.x
#1400 Re-Evaluation of RMA results not possible defect blocker Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1401 Telemac results are shifted with v7+ of Telemac gershovich defect blocker Kalypso TELEMAC2D Addon 16.x.x
#1403 Update Demo projects for 16.Xdev task blocker Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1409 What to do with the 1-d model task blocker Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1411 Finalize Triangulation tool including conceptual mesh data into ready-to-use status task blocker Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1412 Finalize Telemac Applicability task blocker Kalypso TELEMAC2D Addon 16.x.x
#382 Änderungen am Rechenkern in Oberfläche berücksichtigen GernotBelger task critical KalypsoWSPM
#480 Autobuild Kalypso GernotBelger task critical Development
#633 Berechnungsstop bei Berechnungen an Durchlässen mit kst GernotBelger defect critical KalypsoWSPM 10.10.1
#717 Review of 1D/2D modules boundary conditions nico.schrage@… task critical Kalypso1D2D 11.6.0
#851 Editing of mesh at 2D boundary lines nico.schrage@… task critical Kalypso1D2D 11.6.5
#853 Label of boundary conditions should be separately on/off switchable nico.schrage@… task critical Kalypso1D2D 11.6.5
#1083 Control structures: negative discharges lead to error defect critical Kalypso1D2D 13.4.0 RC4
#1106 Behandlung der Einzelverluste klären gernotbelger task critical KalypsoWSPM 12.11.0
#1200 Time definition error for time zone GMT+3 nico.schrage@… defect critical Kalypso1D2D
#1215 Altergebnisse werden nicht immer sauber gelöscht belger defect critical KalypsoWSPM 13.12.0
#1235 Exporting shape data should be smarter belger enhancement critical General 13.12.0
#1243 Table view: Values with thousands separators nico.schrage@… defect critical Kalypso1D2D
#1312 Szenarienansicht nicht synchron mit Dateisystem belger defect critical General 15.3.x
#1320 Collection: Capture Errors during Import of Old Models defect critical Kalypso HYDRO_AS-2D Addon 15.1.1
#1324 Rauheiten zuweisen aktualisiert Datenmodell nicht belger defect critical KalypsoWSPM 15.1.1
#1325 Results Management: NullPointException when inserting result themes into the map defect critical Kalypso1D2D 15.1.1
#1331 Import of profile data / strand geometry is not consistent all over Kalypso (triple, coded triple etc.) task critical General
#1334 Download options for profile strand data is misleading/ unclear/ questionable enhancement critical KalypsoPDB
#1337 FUZZINESS for finding profile points is inconsistent throughout Kalypso defect critical KalypsoWSPM
#1355 Waterlevel Horizon not deletable from profiles defect critical KalypsoPDB 16.x.x
#1357 Shape export: Export to Shape of Polygon features from Conceptual Model yields corrupt shape files defect critical Kalypso1D2D 16.x.x
#1364 WSPM - Sonderzeichen im Namen eines Abflussereignisses führen zu Fehler in Berechnung gernotbelger defect critical KalypsoWSPM 15.1.1
#1367 result folder has to be created by unscript for new calculation cases by unscript defect critical KalypsoWSPM 16.x.x
#1385 Adding river strands to the wspm map is not possible anymore defect critical KalypsoWSPM 13.5.0
#1387 Hydro_AS-2D AddOn, project importer fails because of non-constant hydraulic gradient bc defect critical Kalypso HYDRO_AS-2D Addon 15.1.1
#1390 import of single .2d result file fails defect critical Kalypso1D2D 15.3.x
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