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All changes integrated in release 18.2.0 from 2018/03/01 including all fixes done for not published milestone 15.1.2


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Component: Development (4 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Milestone
#1303 defect Simulation with design rainfall sometimes fails 15.1.2
#1393 defect Result timestamps of RMA are wrong 15.1.2
#1352 defect Cannot restore or setup PDB perspective at all 18.02
#1496 defect Dike breach: coordinates in the dike breach file are not correct when the option shift coordinates is not activated 18.02

Component: General (6 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Milestone
#1388 enhancement Hydrotopes should be sortable by landuse, geology, pedology 15.1.2
#722 enhancement Deactivation of widgets 18.02
#1351 defect Import of data from project explorer sometimes fails due to URI problems 18.02
#1349 defect drag and drop from project explorer fails 18.02
#1350 defect Result of import of shape to map via "green plus" incorrect 18.02
#1354 defect Working with profile connected perspectives (PDB, 1d2d and WSPM) doesn't work 18.02

Component: Kalypso HYDRO_AS-2D Addon (5 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Milestone
#1344 defect Ugly error message for corrupt 2dm file 15.1.2
#1318 enhancement Import nicht Renummerierter 2DM Daten Netzte mit Ergebnissen schlägt fehl 15.1.2
#1345 defect 2dm import ignores last value of hq boundary conditions 15.1.2
#1386 defect SCF value is not correctly applied when importing 2dm data 15.1.2
#1476 task Change duration specification from milliseconds to minutes 18.02

Component: Kalypso TELEMAC2D Addon (5 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Milestone
#1426 task Zoom to correct temporal extent in boundary conditions preview 18.02
#1427 task Import/Export of simulations for remote simulation triggering 18.02
#1401 defect Telemac results are shifted with v7+ of Telemac 18.02
#1414 defect Restart not selectable for Telemac models 18.02
#1494 defect Telemac-2d addon Dike breach file is not upto date 18.02

Component: Kalypso1D2D (63 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Milestone
#17 task Show interpolated time series of time steps in control model dialog --> just code quality check!!! 18.02
#1342 defect Editing the name of a calculation unit is not immediately reflected in the view 15.1.2
#209 enhancement Some Error messages in Kalypso1D2DProject should be more user friendly or removed 18.02
#675 enhancement 1D2D: Mesh / Data Export as ShapeZ 18.02
#807 enhancement schlauchgenerator improvements 18.02
#908 enhancement 1D2D: Flusschlauchgenerator - Selektionsverhalten dem Standard anpassen 18.02
#1096 enhancement Interpolation of time steps in control panel is slow 18.02
#1168 enhancement Editing of lines of nodes 18.02
#1174 enhancement New splitting method with more intersection lines ignores multi-split elements and deletes attached 18.02
#1189 defect Error after rejecting to save imported mesh on new project 18.02
#1249 defect Map View: Maximizing map widget throws exception when there are no features 18.02
#1317 defect NPE while importing empty roughness shape 15.1.2
#1330 defect Error concerning roughness asignment when project conversion fail 15.1.2
#1338 defect Reevaluation of max result gives error 15.1.2
#1340 enhancement Show model type of calculation settings 15.1.2
#1410 defect Adding time step in control panel yields error 18.02
#63 enhancement Import of .2d results 18.02
#118 enhancement preprocessing - Improve Map-Infobutton 18.02
#127 enhancement results - Overwrite existing results 18.02
#133 enhancement preprocessing - allow 1D preprocessing independent of WSPM 18.02
#230 enhancement Merge Editing and Deleting widgets for Flow Resistance Zones 18.02
#780 enhancement Import cross sections from WSPM for view only 18.02
#855 enhancement Graphical representation of 1D profiles should be tremendously improved 18.02
#856 enhancement 1D profile editing should be possible within 1D/2D 18.02
#861 enhancement Filtering/ Sorting of CUs 18.02
#1030 defect profile points allowed that are not valid 18.02
#1095 defect Results evaluation: TIN evaluation yields strange water body boundaries 15.1.2
#1130 enhancement Select components to be copied when "duplicating" a calculation unit 18.02
#1169 defect Strange geometric error in Flussschlauchgenerator 18.02
#1202 enhancement Add geometries instead of shape layers to triangulation widget 18.02
#1300 defect sources/sinks: Throw message on simulation start, if there are empty elements 18.02
#1302 defect Evaluation of Results is very slow 15.1.2
#1313 defect Unable to edit some boundary data of 1d2d 15.1.2
#1314 defect Bad or missing translation of some boundary condition types 15.1.2
#1319 defect Editing the style to display vector results of Kalypso1D2D is not possible 15.1.2
#1341 defect Reevaluating result timeseries several times does not remove old timeseries 15.1.2
#1347 enhancement Improved Coded-Triple import 15.1.2
#1358 enhancement Exported Polyline Files from Conceptual model don't coincide with what ArcMap expects 18.02
#1396 defect Cell height in timeseries table to high 18.02
#1430 task Moving nodes at continuity lines and control structures 18.02
#1459 defect Longitudinal Section Wizard triggered several times 18.02
#1461 defect Something weired with results evaluation: Duplicated entries and deleted contents 18.02
#1466 defect Flow Resistance zones 18.02
#1467 defect Simulation settings (Kalypso-RMA): Boundary condition preview not shown 18.02
#1472 defect Node results representation for scalars (level, depth etc.) always adresses vector sld 18.02
#1501 defect Deleting profiles from 1D2D embedded WSPM project not clean 18.02
#957 defect time series: Copy/Paste of time series in control panel to slow and buggy 18.02
#1245 task Roughness Assign Service is way to slow 18.02
#1271 defect Results Evaluation: Should be possible even if simulation stops with error 15.1.2
#1326 defect Importing timeseries with waterlevels does not work 15.1.2
#1339 defect Impossible to export result timeseries 15.1.2
#1343 defect Import of 2dm never ends 15.1.2
#1357 defect Shape export: Export to Shape of Polygon features from Conceptual Model yields corrupt shape files 18.02
#1362 defect Reevaluated results sometimes disapear 15.1.2
#1371 defect 1D2D - move 2d-node function could cause an ill-formed mesh 15.1.2
#1452 defect Dynamic move of 2-d nodes allows overlapping elements (breaking model) 18.02
#1462 defect Deleting of conti-lines does not remove link from calculation unit and breaks discretisation model 18.02
#1516 defect WMS service not invokable 18.02
#1178 defect Results evaluation: Result files are deleted before evaluation starts 18.02
#1301 defect sources/sinks: Produce error on CU assignment and times series preview in sim settings 18.02
#1400 defect Re-Evaluation of RMA results not possible 18.02
#1402 defect project conversion not working (examined by Demo1D2D project) 18.02
#1404 defect Generation of roughness zone impossible 18.02

Component: KalypsoHydrology (17 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Milestone
#1298 defect Ergebniszeitreihen synthetischer Rechenläufe enthalten Sekundenwerte ungleich 0 15.1.2
#1327 defect Referenced input elements of hydrotopes are not visible in feature view 15.1.2
#1482 defect Editing via Feature View partially impossible 18.02
#1483 defect Inconsistency: decimal point or decimal comma? 18.02
#1299 defect Irreführende Fehlermeldung bei Fehldefinition einer Verzweigung 15.1.2
#1310 task Produce a better error message if a Kalinin-Miljukov strand does not have exactly 5 parameters 15.1.2
#1311 defect Simulation fails if the target node of a branching is not defined 15.1.2
#1315 defect Comparison of szenarios sometimes fails with NullPointerException 15.1.2
#1328 defect Hydrotopes have no crs in gml file 15.1.2
#1346 defect Zeitflächenfunktion wird als ungültig markiert 15.1.2
#1348 defect Missing icon in result management for gauge discharge 15.1.2
#1360 defect Simulation crashes if many catchments are marked for output 15.1.2
#1363 defect DWD-md Import schläg fehl wenn die Datei eine unbekannte Kennung enthält. 15.1.2
#1373 defect Unexpected error during simulation 15.1.2
#1374 defect Simulation crashes if name of snowtype is too long 15.1.2
#1375 defect Kalypso-NA may crash if two soil profiles with the same name exists 15.1.2
#1376 defect Simulation mit Gesamtgebietsmodell schlägt fehlt 15.1.2
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